the third room, sleep (fr. Sweetheart, over____)

I can hear your voice in the third room
Do you know the third room?
Where it echoes

The first is the room I share with you
The second is the one you cannot enter
Now both those doors have shut

Your voice floats through
As if from far away
Softly and yet not any softer

You’re saying this world
That is all appearances
Is no truer than when it points
To another world beyond it

And it’s really a simple thing to show
That it’s false
Although it may seem real

Especially to a community
Who have lost faith and direction
And who feel betrayed

Because of how the people
Will treat one another
When each in his or her own time
Has arrived at disbelief

I’m about to drift away
I’m on the edge
Of the precipice

My eyes are closed
And I can’t open them again