remove your fingers: fifth rendering

You’re not quite there …
But I can see you clearly …
Too clearly …

Yes …
Yes …
I understand …
Are you in some kind of trouble?

Well, you come here then!
Well, you come here then!
Well, you come here then!
Well … then!

I’ve lost you.
Damn it …

Saponification can also refer to a more uncommon
Although naturally occurring phenomenon
Than that of soap manufacture or than that
Related in the dubious legend of Mount Sapo

It is the process resulting in
The production of adipocere
Or “grave wax” whereby the fat of a corpse
And other soft tissue converts in the ground

To a waxy soap-like substance
Closely resembling that familiar from daily living
Like your basic wash soap
It is almost odour-free and colourless

In those rare cases in which adipocere
Or “grave wax” has been recorded
In which the conversion of saponification has been
Observed we find the following conditions

Firstly the overall amount of fatty tissue must be high
Secondly the agents of decomposition are present
Only in minute quantities or entirely absent and lastly
The soil around the body is found to be highly alkaline