plateau: eighth rendering

When we started all this
I was like an ant
Crossing backwards
And forwards

Can you imagine me
Walking in a straight line
Like an ant
With an arrow in its head

One centimetre
At a time?
A tiny ant
Everything was circles

On the inside
Of a balloon
But what if the balloon
(Because this is exactly

What I am talking about)
Were a soap bubble?
And all of you
Especially you

Were rainbows
Refracted in oil crystals
Shimmering on the curve
Of the soapy mixture

A little person walking
Along it
Would return
To the place she started

I thought, always
Always is a different kind
Of elastic than the kind
Used to make balloons

Crystals form and it snaps
When someone doesn’t
Come back and different again
From a surface in a wire

Bent to make a frame
To blow bubbles
Because ideally
We’re stuff

Strong enough
To make wars on
Steel and not just
Light and soap

I entered and I left
Through the fracture
In my always
With this idea

While over my head
The fertiliser in the air
Made rainbows
And below my feet

The world could
At any moment

And probably has
Innumerable times
Without our noticing it.