N-SET – fragment

We are following the simulated flight-path
Of new generation hard-ware
Deep into N-SET –
Non-specific Enemy Territory –

Referred to by media as the smart bomb
Though not in possession of AI
And following flight-routines pre-selected at VOCES –
Virtual Offence Centres;

A more apt pop-meme
For state-of-the-art weaponry
Might be ‘karaoke missiles’ –
Though we embrace media coinage;

We are following the demo
Of a self-guided system
A fraction the size of EXOCET
For pin-point penetration:

The difference for today
Is the non-specific nature
Of the designated target
Deep inside N-SET;

In an actual offensive situation
In an engaged scenario
Our simulation
Would be the same:

N-SET is the same regardless

At VOCES virtual equals the non-specifiability of the specific
The generalizability of the real
The virtuality, the equivalence of all real scenarios

Jokingly called FKB –fucking bastards
N-SET is an infinite set of virtual coordinates

N-SET is the infinite set of all possible target coordinates.

Riding naked into N-SET
Our routine sufficiently –
Randomised – or to avoid human detection –
Flexible to deflect advances
Random initiatives
On VOCES initiative

The non-strategic nature ? of the designated target.
Riding naked into N-SET.