I will call you
To dinner, prayer and bed

And pretend
For the children’s sake
You are coming
To sit with me

Kneel and lie with me.

They’re asleep
You’re not

Lie with atoms on top of you

I understand, no man
Can resist atoms

You wait.

And it may be
Seventy, one thousand years

No one can predict
How long it will take
For my love my bumble bee my darling
To be free.

The future approaches
And I’ll say for the little ones’ sake
At dinner
At prayer and bed, we
Are free we are
Free we are free.

I will set aside a portion
I’ll give a blessing to your body
(That they won’t know about)

I’ll sleep in your dreams and
I’ll go amongst the people
For the networks.

You understand,
No one will help
If they can’t see us!

If atoms don’t
Lie atop us …

I’ll wait.

And take her to that place
A woman can’t resist

For her babies

Because I will wait
For you to lead us to the city.

Think about us and
Bring terror
Terror to the glory to the glory
Of defeat.

(October, 2005)