Grosser Appell

A silence is observed
To hide its fact.

Jean Baudrillard
Captain America
In the same week.

Tonight we attend the Resurrection.

It’s a concert I can imagine Leonard Bernstein giving
Because my friend talks about how the Vienna made
Him their pet Jew when earlier they threw Gustave out

Opening the Auckland Festival, AK07.

And wreathed in the smoke of a constant cigarette later
How Bernstein with typical egoism or theatre claimed
He was responsible for the triumphal return of the former

In the Town Hall’s Great Hall at Auckland’s Edge.

How in the last movement the orchestra stops
Massive forces hang on an invisible thread
Waiting for the trumpet call from offstage

A meta-site for the vital arts.

How invisible it is we see from the camera
Making the connection to the podium from off
And of course God is waiting not the orchestra

The Edge who run the Sky Tower and Sky Casino.

At this point where things hang there is always
Another in another recording this one Leonard
Bernstein in an English cathedral the camera pans up

Sky Theatre, The Aotea Centre and Square.

We hear after the end of the world on the other end
The trumpet call and resound the wind answer and
The chorus enter as if not yet entirely convinced

Tonight’s performance with ASB Bank, please observe.

Aufersteh’n, ja aufersteh’n wirst du mein Staub
Nach kurzer Ruh’ Unsterblich leben wird der
Dich rief dir geben Er sammelt uns ein die starben

Cellphones must off no video no still photography.

Sterben werd’ ich um zu leben at the same time
I feel as if I’m engaged with complication
There is this terrifying reduction

60 years of the NZSO the end of an 8 year tenure.

I’m almost glad we didn’t bring our son to see
Or hear the old audience stand and applaud pulled
On an invisible thread of expectation

Under the baton of Maestro James Judd.