a small requiem for Beanie

We are somewhere
In the middle of nowhere
Dreaming of arriving
Under the century’s
Black sun
A rock eye, an eye running with water

We are somewhere
The last eyes ever to see it
Will be closing soon
We are repeating
A journey – never completed

We are closing now the lids
We are sealing tight the light
The mind’s apprehension wants
Goes wanting
The last eyes ever – go

Catches in a pool, we are
We want
Each other – at least
The wall complete – the war over
The wall overcome

And everything
Turning in a circle
The sea alight with shrimps
Fire in the straw
Anemones’ vermilion
Mercury dolphins

Say it to god’s eye
Say it to his face
It is the middle of nowhere
The place life leaves
A circle of rock
Overcome by every tide

Separate, separated
Divided, divide the sun
The star
The light
A ring of light around the sun
And the night
Find love – before memory
And before love – memory
The place life leaves
But for this
But for the excellence of this
We live in little rooms

Dreaming of arriving
And the last eyes ever to see it
Under the century’s
Black sun

The mind’s apprehension
The last eyes


(Davina Whitehouse, 1912-Christmas Day 2002)