a world dense and alive like it’s real
dulling all others –
caressed & caressed & caressed,
slimmed down til it’s smooth:

if the trains roll over me then the trains roll over me,
I can’t stop that now,
trammeled by ancient history –
tweak nature – tune her – derange your mind –
loving well is the key:

tweak nature – what of the people
close to terror?
“I would die just to be carried” –
cheat her – while japanese hatchbacks
roll like dogs from the kennel – cheat her:

my intoxicated woman
can’t be everywhere –
her underground bones
sherd a million ways,
cut into a million colours,
in bed in your eyes, your eyes have wings –
chewing-gum & tweezers –
where the fabric’s most convoluted
that is where the opening is:

where the flesh is most complex
this is where the fragments lie –
in traffic – in the psychic arena –
a world dense and alive
dulling all others –
tweak nature, find her and cheat her –
derange your mind – for the people so close
to the terror loving well is the key:

caressed & caressed & caressed,
til it’s worn thin and mutable,
til it’s rubbed smooth and mutable,
til it’s numb cracked & multiform,
like her underground bones – a world
dense & alive like it’s real:

in bed with your eyes – while
japanese hatchbacks roll out from the kennel –
intoxicated woman can’t be everywhere – attuned
to a certain shade of blue:

I would like to die just to be carried, carried on,
while trains roll over me – like ancient history,
I can’t stop that now:

change your mind & stop thinking
for an instant – a world dense & alive
like it’s real – it’s real –
your eyes have wings
dulling all others.