The Love Project, LP9

LP9 pushes the boundaries of conventional theatre. It can because it knows where those boundaries are. It involves the participation, in advisory and dramaturgical capacities, of some of the best and most experienced theatre practitioners in New Zealand.

Through workshops with familiar and up-and-coming performers and through the input of an extensive network of artists from the visual arts, music and film, the project will be challenged to innovate in every aspect of its realisation.

Inputs from informal consultation are essential to this project, both in the sense of building a community of interest and of satisfying that community and the wider community with work that is engaged, relevant and of high artistic merit.

LP9 will harness theatre’s potential to galvanise the arts and bring together the interests of artists from spheres other than theatre. It will raise its profile as one art form among many, but one with the capacity of inclusion that brings to those it touches the excitement of immediacy.

The potential outreach into the general population of this bringing-together, this immediacy, this depth of experience and this will to innovate is immense. To capitalise on it fully, the project requires adequate investment to achieve a sustainable momentum.