a gift to Jonathon & Ron

Look at what has been won

       and wonder at the world

what is yet to win

        and sanctify, in a world

less naughty

        but no less expensive


a wild love ties lovers

        over continents and coastlines

a wild lovers’ line

        led by no fixed standard or star

from this peninsula

        to an island I don’t know

of malabar and cinnabar, mountains

        across seas and different oceans


a flight of souls

a dance of eyes darting

and fingers laughing on skin


a great and generous humour

        it has to have

to land here

        where it might have


        but for what is yet

to win and sanctify, what yet

        cannot be bought or brought

but is to bring forth


in a world more joyful for the journey

        of this union

of Ron and Jonty


        look at what has been won

and wonder at a world

        yet to win

through the sanctity

        (angels and the saints

come out

        why wouldn’t they?)

of wild loves, lives and

        gay abandon


good friends, theatre, wine

        and song, dance,

to what is and what it is

        to be


by the lost faces that

        gather around

who cannot be counted

        but who count


riches, gifts, names

        each one here names

and each one


whose presence here is in

        the golden audience of light


is in the hearing

        the blessing of the hearing.



[on the occasion of Ron & Jonathon’s wedding,

17 March 2018]