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  1. Terry Sheat’s “Time For A Public Inquiry Into Creative New Zealand,” for Scoop (30.09.2022), excerpts
    Creative New Zealand (state funding body for the arts), responding to Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand’s application for funding, “specifically questioned ‘the role and relevance of Shakespeare in Aotearoa.’ It […] also stated that ‘the genre [Shakespeare] was located within a canon of imperialism and missed the opportunity to create a living curriculum and show […]
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  2. “Why’d I do it?” A dialogue in broken English on the state of critical discourse in New Zealand as it appeared before the Smythe coterie at Theatreview, or, critical organ flaccid for fluffers in front of cultural grand canyon: “It started with a trickle” and sank without a ripple
    Below, to grow your viewing pleasure and to view my growing displeasure, please find a minimally edited copy of the exchange of comments ensuing from that already posted here in the preceding post. [link] Theatreview provided the venue for this unhappy episode, on the occasion of John Smythe’s review for Mary Stuart at Circa Theatre, […]
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  3. cultural fluffers & grand canyons, the former ending, the latter starting, with a trickle from the top. John Smythe reports from the front, saying, “It now runs very deep.”
    The following is a comment posted in response to John Smythe’s review of Ross Jolly’s production of Mary Stuart by Friedrich Schiller at Circa Theatre, Wellington. (Full review here.) A couple of statements stick out at odd angles from this review so I feel compelled to comment. To wit, the first line: Since Shakespeare died […]
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  4. Letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand
    REGARDING ARTS AND CULTURAL POLICY Dear Helen Clark, A brief introduction: I have tried writing this letter a number of times, in divers modes, with little success: as a formal submission on policy–if unsolicited; as an open letter–hopeful of the enthusiasm of others to sign it; as a research or discussion paper–in formal academic mode; […]
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  5. corps de crise, curs de cris, cours de coeurs de cris: notes fragments of Simon Taylor
    I was reading Norman Manea’s A Hooligan’s Return, about the exiled writer’s return to Romania. His book On Clowns remains my favourite. In fact, I quoted from it extensively in a letter advocating state patronage of the arts to Helen Clark in her first term as Prime Minister, in 1999. I thought, what is it […]
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  6. Bruce Petty said it, something like: the political (& political-artistic) situations we would satirise now so closely resemble the satire that we are, as effectively as in any totalitarian regime, silenced. Stupid, stupid silence.
    … the above-named today turned down my application for a a grant to write Love Project 9. I am a victim of hope: a year’s worth of planning and preparation … not the entirety pinned on this one funding round but … enough riding on it as a source of legitimation, for the work done […]
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  7. critique of theatre: a representation of theatre as essentially colonial, its crisis
    The critique would run like this: the New Zealand theatre is an aspect, a symptom, and an emblem, of colonial culture. In a way, it’s worse than poetry, because it’s expensive. It costs more money for its ephemeral productions than it does to publish the slim volume of poetry that will last even if it […]
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  8. the devil’s work
    It used to be that a University Dean could stand before the student body and espouse the view of the University as a check and balance to a well-functioning democracy. He or she could, if the need arose, as it did in the late 1980s, with the threat posed by NZQA to the political independence […]
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  9. is strategic social investment another way of saying charity?
    I don’t know. Is freedom just another word for nothing left to lose? From one meeting with a CNZ representative at the Auckland offices and a cursory reading of the Creative New Zealand, Arts Council of New Zealand’s Strategic Development Plan and Statement of Intent 2007-2010, I know that the rhetoric has changed. Whether this […]
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  10. PACE: day 10; Whāia te iti kahurangi Ki te tūohu koe, me he maunga teitei? Pursue excellence – to let you stumble, should it be to a lofty mountain?
    SWOT report shows structural defects (in the project to establish a small and economically sustainable theatre company called T-Cell): opportunity exists, and there are the personal strengths to make it so, commitment, passion, etc., & skills to realise it, and the weaknesses are not insuperable, i.e. the lack of financial nous, but a great voidy […]
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