the types of moving image, from surface detail – a quote, quoted for its eventual use in the series about cinematic time, that starts with “Enduring Dreams”

So, make your mind up. Real space view with potential scariness, or some screen; gentle feel-good, wistful comedy, razor-sharp witterage, outright slapstick hilarity, engrossing human drama, historical epic, educational documentary, ambient meanderance, pure art appreciation, porn, horror, sport or news?

[for what I am referring to in the title of this post, the most recent post on cinematic time includes links to the section which began the series, “Enduring Dreams.” Note also that the series is lacking an introduction, a compression tank to prepare the dear reader for the abruption and going-on-a-bit of the first section, the note on cinematic time. Best, Simon

[P.S. if you have any suggestions about the series or, about how it might begin, as to what the introduction might look like, I would be delighted to hear from you.]