another squib of a thing: Bruno Schulz, shot and killed during his lifetime, walking home with a loaf of bread

. he published two collections of short stories - Cinnamon Shops and The Sanatorium 
Under the Sign of the Hourglass - during his lifetime Schulz was shot and killed by a 
German Gestapo officer in 1942, whilst walking home with a loaf of bread. Much of his 
writing, including his final, unfinished novel The Messiah, was lost in the Holocaust.

-- source: this makes more sense. Amazon's editorial review for Schulz's The Cinnamon Shops & Other 
Stories reads, "Schulz would be murdered in the town in which he was born by a Nazi officer who 
then reportedly went to a colleague to say, 'You shot my Jew, so I have shot yours.'" 

Bruno Schulz was initially spared by an officer of the Gestapo who admired his artwork and wanted 
him to paint a mural on a child's wall. 
{courtesy of BJA Samuel's twttr acc. as is the picture of Schulz's mural below}