forty-sixth part, called “subject matter XLVI,” of a series of ‘letters’ written to you, the reader, towards a book called, theatre | writing

subject matter

I think the stakes are highest in consciousness. And in what is mobilised in consciousness. In what consciousness gathers, composes.

I don’t think it’s a matter of choice because of the high stakes. In the election of subject matter there is a selection process that can only ever be affirmative. That is, it can only ever be decisive, and fateful, fatal and inconsequential.

Nobody died of a thought: the opposite is true. It is the way in which it matters I hope to be drawing attention to, that, with each extinction, there is one less thought, at the level of species, at the level of an individual. Comically, we choose to disorder the senses; tragically, we choose to order inner experience: our powerlessness to is a reminder, since it is in this association that it is gathered and arises, of sexuality, the greatest source of humour, and so a power.

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