notes on to a kind of record I.

this in common

poem is problem

and this


very important

a sort of program


gathering of words


as substantives

of types

of syntactical moments

of verbal tonalities


the alternate face

here widened


towards the obscure



with certainty of a



not a thought but

process of thought




of the human



in itself


of itself





of an infinity

of horrors


reserves in one’s thoughts

hidden intention


addressing an audience

addressing a public


whom shall I kill


synthesis of all the vertigoes

dictation of memoirs


history of mind

absurd by what it seeks


great by what it finds

every beginning



I don’t know what


sort of contact between all

and nothing


three words

two words


the tomb of the poet Edward

this girl couldn’t be buried

buried on a moonlit night


the dead girl’s name


who found himself so

in his reflection


the cyclical and repetitive functions of life

take love where it has never been

to the end

of the will to


killed his puppet

his puppet killed

in favor of a poetry


claiming autonomy

through critical self-reference



to repressing the developments of intelligence

to depreciating the value of pure research

to taking often atrocious measures against

who consecrated themselves to these things


to favoring

even as far as endowed chairs and laboratories


worshippers of the idol

to the detriment

independent creators

spiritual richness


and they have imposed on the arts

on the sciences

the utilitarian ends which a power


founded on declamations and terror



praise of Bergson


sameness within vast

elusive differences


[all of which, on the poet Paul Valéry

1871-1945, you can read here.]