the art of reading, by Andrea Pagnes: from Unbound Blog (link below)

“When I perform, I usually search for my inner silence. I balance the images passing through my mind and try that rhythm in action when I write about performance. However, after reading books on performance art by other authors, essays, and monographs on artists which are so dear to me and inspirational for my work, I feel that those words, photos and sketches accompany me in the experience of living in slow motion, while the world outside speeds without stopping. I see a page of a book as the access key to know more, in depth, and understand different things and perspectives – a place at the edge of the quotidian, right there to host me, when I am at a crucial point in my life, looking for that “which” to start again. I think it’s always wise to feel part of a place, a subject, a part of a present, which is already past but renewed when it is acknowledged. This is also such stuff as books are made on.”

Andrea Pagnes, February 2017 (from Unbound Blog)

of the books she curates as guest editor for Unbound, she says:

“I challenged my vertigo with Stelarc and asked Bas Jan Ader if tears are miracles. I reinforced my sense of romance through Ron Athey and Franko B, and got that you can endure so much through Tehching Hsieh. I hybridised my idea of death with ORLAN and rebelled with Guillermo Gomez-Peña and Roberto Sifuentes, unmarked, accessing all areas, holding it against me. To perform is the art of living, for life is the art of the encounter.”