Day 1 of the Hollyford Walk


Lake Whakatipu (pronounced fokkity-poo)

in front of bandstand

below Botanical Gardens

within Botanical Gardens

first sight of dirty ice

at end of long bus ride, beyond Marion’s Cnr. down at Gunn’s Camp, set up by Davy Gunn’s son, Murray, who did not eye to eye with his father and only came to the Hollyford Valley on his father’s demise

Gunn’s Camp


getaway vehicle

dry bush humour, ironically

commencement of walk

curtain in the forest furnishings

lunch by the river

Hidden Falls

more of Hidden


catching waterfall water

view from Little Homer

viewers at Little Homer

forest light

Homer Falls

and the pool



graveyard of beech trees

Pyke Lodge

not our route, but showing some of it

Davy Gunn and his wife, with whom in later years he spent no more than one day a year

the book in which the preceding pages were found.