TEXTURED PASSAGES at ST PAUL St Gallery Three, 8-12 September 2014









textured passages features work by Jo Larkin, Simon Taylor, with the addition of Shima and the intrication of Minus Theatre. The passages are held together by a shared love of texture, the imbricated textures of individual lives, the texture of events in time, the texture of history and chance, of languages, bodies and of music, the texture of images, movements, pulses and of empty space.




Minus Theatre’s textured passages extemporises with music and text. The performers each found a text they felt a strong connection to: Chen Chen‘s piece, in Mandarin, poses a philosophical problem about transformation and identity; Jeffrey Gane‘s piece is a love poem in English; Lisa Greenfield‘s piece comes from a film quotation in English; Jaci Gwaliasi‘s piece takes the lyrics of an American song; Maria Kim‘s, in Korean, tells a story of captivity; Natalia Spreys‘s tells a witch’s tale in Russian; I chose an English epigram. These texts are performed, for the two shows, on Monday 8 Sept. at 6pm and on Friday 12 Sept. at 6pm, either for the words, if it is to them the performer feels the deeper connection, or for the sense, if to this the connection is deeper. These texts hang in the gallery in their languages of performance. We have treated music as another language, alongside the natural languages spoken and the ‘made-up’ language of theatre. Instruments used in performance, some of them purpose-built, are on exhibition. The soundtrack for the exhibition is by Shima (Michael Ferriss). Thank you for attending.




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