“the way out is to hack, appropriate, seize, rebuild in our own image”

computing is one of the most profound manifestations of late capitalism

“The computer’s identity as tool for efficiency seems to overshadow the computer’s poetic potential …
Has the poet always been a sort of hacker? ”

“…there may not be such a thing as an unmediated, interface-free interaction. So, it’s possible to say that it’s always been a question of interface–the problem now is that corporations are making it as difficult as possible to perceive these interfaces and to see how they’re mediating and even determining our experience.”

“To get to your question about imagination, it’s getting harder and harder to be weird, or even encounter the truly weird which, for me, is “imagination”–existing in or seeing the world askew, envisioning new kinds of existence in the world because everything is indeed mediated tightly and thoroughly for us, making it next to impossible to be anything but a consumer. In this sense, winning the war could come down to making or producing either as an end in itself or as a means to just exercise imagination.”

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