the science of imaginary solutions – pataphysics

removing pieces of the dark teeming earth

take the dead for a walk

The People’s Liberation Army is not only bigger but they are also fatter. They no longer fit in their tanks and their rifle stocks are too short.

Something’s telling me that an average murderer would get as close as a foot from the head, but not point blank.

“That is, my own engagement with Deleuze originated, somewhat reactively, in a kind of dissatisfaction with the available discourses for explaining how performance works and why it matters. I came to value Deleuze’s philosophy in particular as a discourse that allowed me to question the representationalist and linguistic paradigm that the theory explosion seemed to have ushered in, and to recover the materiality of performance not as simple presence but as what we might called ‘differential presence’ or affective force. In this sense, I was not turning to philosophy per se, so much as to specific philosophies that provided the conceptual resources to rehabilitate the very categories that were being thoroughly deconstructed by the influential performance scholars of the time: “presence”, “the body”, “the voice”, “community” and so forth. At the time, turning to Deleuze meant turning from a generalized deconstruction that goes to work on what it perceives to be naïve appeals to self-presence and turning to an alternative position that conceives the presence of bodies in terms of a participation in forms of differentiation that are irreducible to discourse.” – Laura Cull

I am doing vague: so vaguely I’m responsible / and yet vaguely it doesn’t concern me at all. An angstlich vague. Listen, little vagues lapping. Then a tsunami.

The right to be forgotten is a fundamental human right.

Like the right to silence and the right to invisibility.

We the anonymous claim these rights.