The Chaos Walking Trilogy is essenshul reading and it was easy to illustrate it with Attila Richard Lukacs

– a painting by Attila Richard Luckas

“You made a promise, Todd Hewitt,” he says. “Need I remind you once more? Just save her and I’ll do anything you want, I believe were your exact words.”

I lick my lips nervously. “How do I know yer keeping yer end of the bargain?”

– Attila Richard Lukacs, Peace, Love, Rock & Soul or Slave in the Graveyard (2007)

“You don’t,” he says, his eyes on mine, like he’s peering right past every lie I could tell him. “I want your faith in me, Todd, and faith with proof is no faith at all.”

– Attila Richard Lukacs, The Tatoo d Liar (2008)

… women ain’t got no Noise –

“Because women are not animals,” the Mayor says, reading me. “No matter what anyone claims I believe. They are merely naturally Noiseless.”

– Attila Richard Lukacs, On the Last Day of the Year of the Rabbit (2012)

He lowers his voice. “Which makes them different.”

– Patrick Ness, The Ask and the Answer, Second Part of The Chaos Walking Trilogy, Walker Books, London, 2013, p. 50