an example of doing that is really an example of undoing – here, from the puff for an exhibition at WKV Stuttgart called ‘Giving Form to the Impatience of Liberty’ featuring the artists Manuela Beck, Banu Cennetoglu / Yasemin Özcan, Stefan Constantinescu, Alice Creischer / Christian von Borries / Andreas Siekmann, Kiri Dalena, Barbara Ehnes, Heinz Frank, Grupo Baja Mar, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Francis Hunger, Sven Johne, Hassan Khan, Jakob Kolding, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Dóra Maurer, Klaus Mettig / Katharina Sieverding, Marina Naprushkina, Boris Ondreicka, Marion von Osten, David Riff / Dmitry Gutov, Pedro G. Romero, Allan Sekula, Klaus Staeck, Wolfgang Stehle, Jeronimo Voss

The exhibition’s point of origin rests in the younger forms and discourses of a (re)politicization of the arts, which are meant to be probed in terms of their heterogeneity and antagonisms. These are artistic practices which subject the aesthetic utopias of modernism that were said to have floundered to both a critical reading and a reevaluation, and which-reaching beyond a naïve euphoria or worldly-wise distance-renegotiate the political, societal, and critical potentialities of art. Activist positions and artworks with concrete political points of reference are considered here, as are works that approach, on a rather structural level, a rereading, realignment, and relocalization of knowledge, power, ideology, space, and the body. The works not only reference, but actually create acts of political articulation and subjectivization.


With regard to content, the exhibition focuses on developments from the capitalist disciplinary society to the neoliberal society of control.