the dark precursor relates differences externally and produces a ‘shadow identity’ – a prefiguration which conceals internal difference in representation and therefore is critically and analytically essential

A moiré is an interference pattern that emerges when two fabrics or grids are brought together and superimposed, one on top of the other. The pattern that emerges is the difference between the two patterns. For Deleuze, differenciation occurs when two series are brought together in such a way that the dif­ferences between the two series create a third. It’s not the identity of the points in the series that creates identity here; it’s the relationship of dif­ference between the two series that generates the pattern. The dark pre­cursor is the activity of relating series to series, without any background, and the lightning flash is what emerges when the two series are inter­related or intermeshed. The disparate indicates the process of the pro­duction of difference as identity out of difference.

– Clayton Crockett, Deleuze Beyond Badiou: Ontology, Multiplicity and Event, Columbia University, USA, New York, 2013, pp. 40-41