it’s worse how wonderful things get

Disney discovers 以心伝心 – if that is even legible – and, of course, copyrights the it out of it. Here

The Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible truth about Syria. Here – the most pertinent point of which is that if Syria constitutes an humanitarian crisis perhaps forego the cost of sending a missile – and the geopolitical surgery, however pinhole – and spend the money helping two million refugees.

… a question, prompted by the froth pouring out of independent anti-surveillance pro-encryption online collectivities: is personal encryption the apotheosis of bourgeois individualism? i.e. my ‘nothing to hide’ is worth more than the ‘something to hide’ of the nation? – one ‘solution’ here

And what we have been waiting for from poor Alan Turing’s poisoned apple: the Turing Normalising Machine. Here – I wonder why Apple was called Apple? an original absence of sin, Alan Garner’s account here.