No photos to show: Assange, Manning, Dotcom, MacBride and Freud

“there’s a lawfare thing going on with U.S. law, to apply U.S. law to as many jurisdictions as possible. And if you have control over use of force in a foreign jurisdiction, it’s your jurisdiction. It’s part of your state by definition.”

Chris Hedges interviews Julian Assange at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London here.





“a heroic quality is deciding to do something, as opposed to it being an unconscious, unreasoned expression of madness or sexual frustration or whatever. .. if you’ve done things because you were a mad homosexual, and no one can choose to be a mad homosexual. So they stripped him of—attempted to strip him of all his refinements.”

“We know that he won three science fairs, or we know the guy is bright. We know that he was interested in politics early on, and he’s very articulate, and outspoken, and didn’t like lies. And we know that he was interested in the state of the world. And we know that he was skilled at his job of being an intelligence analyst. And these things suggest that if you’re going to say, what, be careful, that the combination of abilities and motivations that might cause an action, here are talents and virtues that could perceivably give rise to the phenomenon. But instead people go … they look at all the, ya know, they say, “Oh, he’s a homosexual—this is the answer.”

“how absurd is it that on the East Coast of the U.S., to be a proper successful person, as a woman you have to have a psychiatrist, and as a man you have to have a lawyer?”