the dark energy of entanglement and dark matter

the material continua, the threads and the strings that make up the universe are darkly and irregularly entangled.,

at the beginning, the entanglement was so extreme as to confine time and space to a point, a singularity.

in the first fraction of incipient time the irregularity of this singular entanglement gave and matter burst out from it, still entangled, dragging knots of substances and energies, energetic knots, knots that were and are darkly energetic, in multiple directions in a chaotic and far from regular explosion.

the almost conceivable order and self-consistency of the primary point broke . The force of the blast never can be equalled that was able to sunder entanglement, destroy its order, its one, and create multiple chaos.

lines, strands and threads, snagged and snapped and joined others they were not matched with and at every new entanglement, an energetic sink, a slowing down of the outward whorl, a dark counterpoint, minor in its way, but enough to explain the remarkable darkness of causation.

at the beginning, for a fraction of an instant, in the first seed of time, there was a mere irregularity and chaos of entanglement. The detonation was never a disentanglement but a forceful tearing apart as the singular order gave way.

strings and continua loosed in that instant abraded on others, ran over and through them, even when they did not get caught, leaving lower level snags and knots spinning into a greater and greater infinity but slowing down because of them.

the darkness of tangled continua choked the acceleration of a tangled matter.

spin and wobble, crazy movement – the crazed music of the entanglement, with its still and distantly entrained harmonies trailing out in disjoint chords, with never a unison, lonely notes sounding now on this side of things now light years distant.

the dark force of the primitive entanglement surrendered to the destruction of creation, a destruction never total and unable to be totalled, since from it follow an endless ramifying series of further entrainments and tanglings. This creation continues, weaving at random dark knots that bear the legacy of their genesis in a dark heap of tangled matter, no substance but this matting and dread.

and this slowing down as entrainments stall the quanta with frictions remembered, enacted instantaneously, at infinite distance, mixtures of times and matters, catachronic, asymmetrical, as if entanglement were the ongoing fact of a universal and differential iteration.