“to make an amazing piece of art in such a small amount of time” – Chris Burden

“what I like to call Killer Robots” – some crazy lady talking about the DANGER that robots may be developed – within the next twenty to thirty years – to autonomously kill humans. What a good idea!

What’s crazy about the lady is that her problem with killer robots was not that they kill but that they displace the human decision-making process. Usually so reliably ethical.

But as creators how do we actually feel about being destroyed by our creations? Well, put it this way, How did God feel?

“capable of delivering lethal force with no human intervention at all” – BBC World Service 13:05

Ban the golems! they say. Before they’re built. In that arbitrarily delimited futurity called the next twenty to thirty years.

Something needs to be said about this human judgement from which the murdering golems are spared but from which they come. We are being asked to use the same judgement to condemn… whom? what? the decision to pursue this research? those funding the research? the very human interests – in killing interesting people – implicated?

Sadly the story peters out in vague assertions that perhaps Killer Robots are illegal ideas and against humanitarian guidelines on murder. Which would make them like drones?