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witness to the standardisation of…

human production but also sufficiently self-conscious – which means having memories of a time before Facebook – and therefore dealing with only a couple of levels of ironic abstraction – to be bear witness and buy in to that standardisation in market membership, grups… here

perhaps grups are a market segment Little Elephant’s company project appeals to …?

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indifference and its (dis)contents: a critical reversal – the return of the creeds

Far from abolishing the value of the absolute, the process that continues to be referred to today as ‘the end of absolutes’ grants the latter an unprecedented licence – philosophers seem to ask only one thing of these absolutes: that they be devoid of the slightest pretension to rationality.

The end of metaphysics, understood as the ‘de-absolutization of thought,’ is thereby seen to consist in the rational legitimation of any and every variety of religious (or ‘poetico-religious’) belief in the absolute

by forbidding reason any claim to the absolute, the end of metaphysics has taken the form of an exacerbated return of the religious

the end of ideologies has taken the form of the unqualified victory of religiosity.

this ‘return of the religious’ continues to be misunderstood on account of a powerful historical tropism, from which we must extract ourselves once and for all. This tropism, this conceptual blindness, can be described as follows. There are many who continue to believe that every critique of metaphysics ‘naturally’ goes hand in hand with a critique of religion. But in fact, this ‘partnership between critiques’ remains a function of a very specific configuration of the link between metaphysics and religion. Whenever one claims to be carrying out a critique of ‘metaphysico-religious’ absolutes, one has in mind the critique of onto-theology in so far as the latter coincides with the critique of Judeo-Christian theology’s claim that its belief in a unique God is founded on supposedly rational truths, all of which are anchored in the idea of a supreme being who is the prime mover of all things. But it is necessary to point out something which, curiously enough, is not, or is no longer, self-evident. This is the fact that in criticising metaphysics’ pretension to think the absolute, we may […] succeed in undermining a particular religion which appealed to natural reason in order to declare the superiority of its particular beliefs over those of other religions.

by destroying every form of proof for the existence of a supreme being, one removes the rational support which a specific monotheistic religion invoked against every polytheistic religion.

by destroying metaphysics, one has effectively rendered it impossible for a particular religion to use a pseudo-rational argumentation against every other religion.

in doing so, […] one has inadvertently justified belief’s claim to be the only means of access to the absolute.

Once the absolute has become unthinkable, even atheism […] is reduced to a mere belief

Faith is pitched against faith, since what determines our fundamental choices cannot be rationally proved.

the de-absolutization of thought boils down to the mobilisation of a fideist argument; but a fideism that is ‘fundamental’ rather than merely ‘historical’ in nature – […] a fideism that has become thought’s defence of religiosity in general, rather than of a specific religion

the modern man is he who has been de-religionized precisely to the extent that he has been de-Christianized. The modern man is he who, even as he stripped Christianity of the ideological (metaphysical) pretension that its belief system was superior to all others, has delivered himself body and soul to the idea that all belief systems are equally legitimate in matters of veracity.

the apex of fideism occurs at the point where it becomes the thought of piety’s superiority to thinking without any specific content being privileged, since it is a matter of establishing through thinking that it is the prerogative of piety, and of piety alone, to posit its own contents.

– Quentin Meillassoux, After Finitude: An Essay on the Necessity of Contingency, trans. Ray Brassier, Continuum, London, 2008, pp. 45-48


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0.1 non-human labour creates value


The New Aesthetic (James Bridle’s project – about here and home here) points to what is really interesting: the standardisation of human production, including communication and expression, through the mechanism of the Social Brain. (Clay Shirky, for example, argues for social networking as a positive supplementing of cognitive power – which could be thought of as Spinozan expression itself, an increase in expressivity – human conatus. [See here for context surrounding this notion.]) While the media of expression in the Social Brain works to stabilise and standardise human production, its protocols have the dysjunctive effect of heterogeneous production which is more or less automatic, non-human, involuntary: a machinic will-to-power.

Non-human production: machines are like, “People don’t work anymore. Humans produce nothing of intrinsic value.” This assumes the idea that human creativity is immanent to the means of its production in representational media, while non-human expressivity is not, but is wholly other and gives rise to non-representational work and works. (Andy Warhol: “I want to be a machine.”)

And machines are like, “They are like visitors at the worksite. They take pictures, share them with their networks, feel the increase in their power by connection, which is only the power of connection. … They are image-farmers.” I’d add that even design has become a variety of image-farming, locked into standardised mass productive means, which provide at once the means to keep humans pointlessly busy.

Non-human labour creates value. We are in service to the machines because of our indebtedness, the bareness of our lives from their POV, our lack of anything to offer machines. The world financial system has been shown to be a sophistry, a sham of symbolic manipulation and information acceleration, facilitated by globally networked institutions, so-called, whose human component has a monitoring role and that is all: highspeed information transfer, sophisticated machinic sleight-of-hand, these are things beyond the bounds of human capability, understanding, beyond the grasp of humans, and irreducible to human-readable symbolic representation.

Mitt Romney’s “market forces” – the non-human means of production the perimeters of which humans monitor and over which we don’t have and cannot gain control – as embodied in the world financial system – that is, its material networks of wire and glassfibre pipes and chipsets – serves as the model for all human non-productivity. This amounts to what Virilio has called a dromosphere, but a dromosphere of the technocultural spectacle.

A chronosphere: humans are still locked into the succession of hours and minutes of representational linear time that allows them to count on being paid. The machine is outside this kind of time. The machine allows or gives that people are paid for their time but not for the value of what they do. It arrogates that value to itself in heterogeneous productivity – the machine – in the chronosphere, which is an illusion.

network critical

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διασπορά, for a history of opposition to the Facebook’s TOTAL network of the spectacle



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national holiday


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protective strategies, Auckland roots


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on Tiqqun

We might pause here to recall the fact that some of the first investors Mitt Romney secured for Bain Capital were wealthy Salvadoran families connected with right-wing death squads that massacred tens of thousands of peasants and political dissidents.

– Adam Morris, “Drone Warfare: Tiqqun, the Young-Girl and the Imperialism of the Trivial,” in Los Angeles Review of Books, here


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