and then taking Little Elephant to IBM’s SmartCamp I made the mistake

of operating in two time zones. One at my wrist and computer. The other on my phone.

the venue

having arrived several hours too early I was distracted off Pitt St.

the cages had bird sounds in them

the ibis made no sound but it was good to see it

time crawled I sat drinking coke

the biennale still on it would be cooler in the MCA. The new building

this work made sounds as I walked under it. People seemed reluctant to enjoy it

what you can’t quite see is that even from the back it is clear the artist has exaggerated how low Spiderman hangs

another work video. I was enjoying not having to care too much about attributions – for which I apologise to the artists. But there is something to be said about the ‘new’ anonymity of art not really itself caring who did it, it somehow having been assimilated into the discourse. Adding nothing to the audience’s experience by knowing or finding out about who

this was in motion

sad walking into the lobby of the old MCA building

Jane Hill of Croplogic won SmartCamp Sydney first of five enterprises both outstanding and it surprised me of established standing. This is the scene at the close of the event photos being staged in the background