what if Adam Curtis is right? [here] that the failure of the Left has more to do with the Right stealing all its best ideas than with anything intrinsically wrong with the Left itself. The Right showed that those ideas could work. Look at the success of the network! And of course the victim mentality of the Left bears witness to this. But then the Left didn’t fail, it lost. It lost the Revolution.

perhaps it has taken until now to realise this. Now in the new life political action appears to have we are in fact seeing the residues of a counter-revolution, the fallout from the Right’s decision to backtrack on and relinquish the good ideas it stole – from freedom, self-determination, fair competition, democracy to neoliberalism, market-led social policy, monopolistic trade, corpocratic control: the clampdown on the network that was the Counter-Revolution.

We never knew we had it so good until then! Now no wonder there is protest.