I just think people forget what sort of carceral order/society we live under/in: & Waiheke after the storm & the waste; & how it was it going to smell but we didn’t smell it & here we remember General Mubarak; O, and the artists, headland Sculpture on the Gulf Waiheke Island; the Woman in White; a diadem on a sandal & dogs onboard; preventative maintenance & here we remember the military

– You Are Here by Matt Akehurst, here

– Collapse by Fletcher Vaughan, here

– Washed Up On Waiheke by David McCracken who worked with Peter & I all those years ago on Much Ado About Nothing when those beautiful rail warehouses in Newmarket existed

– Pure by Gina Ferguson, here

– The Tangler’s Cave by Denis O’Connor, this and subsequent similar images, here

– & these are really brilliant because mixing conceptual, figural and figurative

– & for their material trespasses

– to float a horse

– Abundance of Images by Diane Atkinson, here, I don’t know why these people are smiling

– a life of arts and a life of mimicry is the same thing, sings Daniel Bejar

– the woman in white

– he pointed with conviction