nternational house of panicakes

Greeting you as you turn the corner onto the public concourse, We invented Must See.
Some visual cues as to what.

But like the injunction to Move forward,
it is a direction, is stated, without a,
without direction.

And We invented it.
Whereas we who are about to,
can go forward

secure in the knowledge that You
invented Must See. …

Day lilies

The happiest place on earth
(arriving early, we left

(and returned at 10
breaking the day with a swim)

Perfectly maintained entertainment machine

Dinner at Mimi’s cafe, a warehouse in a cottage
18 USD Sutter’s Pinot Grigio

Blackened Soul
Perfectly cooked salmon

Corn dogs

sugar, salt, heat,
unseasonal heat,
in the nineties, the thirties C.