Ken’s real friend and other mysteries solved, marked ‘solved’

W. is of the opinion that the re-unification of Germany after 1989 was a conquest and that the BRD claimed the conqueror’s or (Realpolitik) victor’s prerogative of rewriting history. This to explain the missing years.

Arriving at the Sony Centre after a brief jaunt down to the Spree running late to meet up with L. at Legoland. On the way up from the S-bahn station the history of Berlin and particularly Potsdamerplatz documented in photographs with a notable hole: that between 1962 and 1989 – the entire period of the Wall’s existence. There was a photograph for it going up and a photograph of it coming down. But none of the field I remember from 1983 that was Potsdamer. You see it in Wings of Desire, that field. The soundtrack of voices whispering. Whispering in the grass.

1962-1989 has been overlooked. J. claims it is an issue of cultural economics. He points to the rebuilding of the Schloss as a cultural interest bearing enterprise and tourist revenue generating one: who wants to visit the office block of the DDR? when you can visit the chateau of the Prussians?

We walk through the Jewish Monument, blocks of cast polished concrete. Sunset behind the Brandenburg Gate. Two soldiers – people in costumes – one bearing the flag of the USSR, the other that of the USA. They are posing for photographs with tourists. There’s a hat out collecting coins.