announcing a change in direction to everywhere, or sww on tour and available for comment

I agree there are still some things wrong with the following post, and the PAGE called Dear Visitor, things that might eventually get fixed, missing links, and so on. (I’d like the black circle itself to be live to the cursor, for example, and not the surrounding square, to be able to say: ‘…indiscernible. Feel its edges with your cursor.‘) It wasn’t exactly a rush job but what began as a simple and playful statement of position, critical, theatrical and poetic, itself bifurcated and split into its timely and untimely parts, into its various impositions. Blame the pink mist.

It wasn’t exactly a rush job, but there was a deadline. Since tomorrow we fly away from the picturesque and pacific islands of NZ for a trip of approximately eight weeks duration, including in our itinerary Hong Kong, Rome, Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona.

I hope to be able to write and post images along the way. You are welcome to contact me through the contact form provided locally, here, in fact. That’s the sort of easy legerdemain of which I am capable. You will of course have to elbow your way in through the bots, who, even at this place, given this unpromising fare, are still numerous, and say, No at the bar, when you might possibly mean yes.