today is the new black (so that toadyism is the new leadership): Zizek’s First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

it has become impossible to ignore the irrationality of global capitalism. Just a few months before the crash, the world’s priorities seemed to be global warming, AIDS, and access to medicine, food and water—tasks labelled as urgent, but with any real action repeatedly postponed. Now, after the financial implosion, the urgent need to act seems to have become unconditional—with the result that undreamt of quantities of cash were immediately found and then poured into the financial sector without any regard for the old priorities. Do we need further proof, Zizek asks, that Capital is the Real of our lives…?

– editorial review, here

– LA poster campaign, merch here, for which the Cons have conned themselves that they’re creative enough to be responsible, with whom the Democrats’ cries of racism sound in unison, drowning out any more adequate response

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