Get me to the last theatre show ever!

– motto, i-camp, Neues Theater, München

…because I should be there, participating in Natalia Borissova and Gívan Belá’s project THE LAST THEATRE SHOW EVER
, I am asking for donations towards my travel costs to Munich, where the project will take place over the week of September 21-27.

More information regarding what this project entails is available here. More information regarding why I should be there is available here, inside these four walls and from all four corners of Square White World.

(1) political, from here
(2) philosophical, from here
(3) theatrical, from here
(4) tangential, from here

To make a donation, click on the image above. And, to make another donation, click on the image below.

and remember, as Natalia and Gívan remind us here, Hans Richter’s first exhibition was in Munich in 1916. In 1917, he met two friends at the Café de la Terrasse in Zürich: Tristan Tzara and Marcel Janco.

– Hans Richter, Colourful City with Zeppelin, 1916

It was also in Munich that I saw Robert Wilson’s Die Goldenen Fenster at the Kammerspiele theatre in 1982.