a reply to a comment on a previous post (see theatricalisation and so on) posted here for purposes of illustration

…the unleashing of all manner of miniature egos across the various divides, figuring large, the subject/object divide, the slippages of shifters, signifiers, I’s and You’s, and ‘its;’ the latter in place as if placed there, staged, as contemplative souls of the matters in hand, passing hand to hand, hand to mouth, mouth to … and so on… Blau’s viewpoint here is of one across the theatrical divide contemplating the metaphoricity of theatre. It is a theatrical one. And as you can see, the body swells; the performance is all inside; there is no leverage against the slippage, the selvedge; the outside escapes without comment. The surface is unharmed… not a ripple.

Please return me to context,’ you say.