T Bone Burnett’s Tooth of Crime – with Sam Shepard – [released on NONESUCH, 2008]

– Sam Shepard, c. 1972

They’re all wrong, all two of them, Rolling Stone and BBC. Although, I see that it’s a BBC Folk and Country Review. And the Independent‘s Andy Gill has some handle on what he’s listening to. Because Henry Burnett’s 2008 album lifts off of and not from Sam Shepard’s The Tooth of Crime, 1972. It clatters along about a foot above the ground, having reconvened after shaking itself to bits. The product of a fortuitous collaborative encounter. And, so Burnett’s album note suggests, the future’s an apocalypse you can buy as good today as back in 1972. Best thing, I say, best thing T Bone Burnett’s done since his name. Or ‘Humans from Earth.’

– T Bone Burnett