JK INTERVIEW: kschanj t’a prospruss konomy f’ homo naaz an’ f’th kundry an’ otha sploshuns of sbilance: phonetic transcription not yet available and lo, those Labour policies vilified by National [“communism by stealth,” for example] will be celebrated once they are National’s

– listen to Kathryn Ryan interviewing John Key by tapping the hand that takes, Nationalyour freedom

Ozchralians shouldun be bailed ou’ by Nyu Zillindaz – however we can allegedly afford to carry on with gross liability to the bankers of oz, liability on such a scale – a potential indebtedness exceeding three times the value of the NZ economy – that at worst is a threat to our sovereignty and that at best compromises it.

We’re nod sellin’ enny asseds akshurely… [Key titters]

Oy godda look Nyu Zillannaz in th’ oyOy godda sleep in the bed, oy godda look in tha mirror… – a good working relationship with the Maori Party. (Albeit that they set their bottom line and then two days later they change it, says Key: a partnership based on mutual respect?)

Oy’ve god ass strong s[e]nse of bellince

Are you a manager? asks Kathryn. …

That’s a bank, not a country, says Kathryn.