in the key of red

Thoughtfully tucked away in The Business Herald insert, The Insider reports:

Lessons for politicians, No. 1: Learn a little about your audience before you open your mouth. When John Key and National’s Manurewa candidate, Cam Calder, visited the former Homai College (now the Blind and Low Vision Education Network) the audience included the institution’s teachers and other dedicated employees of the Ministry of Education. Key tells them he has two children and they attend good schools – St. Cuthbert’s and King’s – then adds, “If you work hard you can do the same.” Cue deathly silence, broken only by the occasional groan.

– The Business Herald, p. 23, 17/10/08

– Michel Gondry is feeling unwell

And Chris Knox sings It’s a Better Way with Labour. Way better, as Russell Baillie wrote, than Ebony’s Big Norm. [Here]

As good as Jim Connell’s The Red Flag?