is no more. I think it might have been the big Dick Sale in the previous post that did it.

The erstwhile 100% NZ-owned Paymex signed out with this letter:

Hi simon,

As at 1:45pm 17th September 2008 Paymex has unfortunately had to close it’s doors. Due to some runaway chargebacks and various legal issues we’ve been subsequently forced to stop trading.

Those of you that had money in your Paymex account will have it withdrawn automatically from our system to be scheduled for deposit into your nominated account. In saying this, it is now up to our bank (BNZ) to make payments. This may take up to a week to sort out.

We wish you all the best of luck, and also apologise for any inconveniance this has caused. [sic]

The Paymex Team


Checked out. No more.

For over a year I’ve had several pages here soliciting for donations – in a fully transparent fashion – via paymex. They will now direct you to paypal and you can make the donations there that you failed to make to paymex, thereby failing to support our own – our own enterprise in our own dollars.

Now, who owns paypal? and who really owned paymex?