to self: STOP STOPPING! (a note about a dramatic act)

note to self: remember that each act demands (or deserves) a different approach, a different mood, which is in the characters, as much as the characters are in it; each act is a whole play, in part. And each act feels its own sufficiency. And then is subsumed to a larger plan outside of its consciousness. A play arranges discontinuous acts. Discontinuities.

And if we are to think in terms of a residual and vestigial fragile art, once the structure which supported its growth has been withdrawn, then it’s as if only the smallest and least representative fissure, interstitial, in time and space, is visible on the outside, on the surface, of an act. So, remember this: there is no process; there is no representation; and no examples can be given. But an act is complete as a play is just a level at the point where it reaches beyond itself.