caution: language

Gibson is back with his trademark use of language to set mood and feeling

– review by S. Potter “thepothole” of William Gibson’s Spook Country, @ .

Now that the present has caught up with William Gibson’s vision of the future, which made him the most influential science fiction writer of the past quarter century, he has started writing about a time–our time–in which everyday life feels like science fiction.

–, @ ibid.

Now that you’re writing about the present, do you consider yourself a science fiction writer these days? Because the marketplace still does.

–, @ ibid.

I happened to read Charlie Stross’s argument as to why he believes that there will never, ever be any manned space travel. It’s not going to happen. We’re not going to colonize Mars. All of that is just a big fantasy. And it’s so convincing. I read that and I’m like, “My god, there goes so much of the fiction I read as a child.”

– William Gibson, @ ibid.

the most important writer of our time

– John Kwok, @ ibid.