lighter pocket interview with Christopher Corner, {i.e. answers he was kind enough to provide to questions idly appended on to a request to join the company’s mailing-list} Administrator of The Wrestling School, London-based company set up to produce, perform, promote Howard Barker’s plays

I would like to join your mailing list.


And am intrigued to know more. Why did the Arts Council give up on you?

Part of general ACE attack on text led theatre and fear of what the increasingly inexperienced and generally intellectually lightweight officers cannot understand/appreciate.

What are the current political fetishes inflicting themselves on the cultural argument?

Labour Party idea of the ‘people’s culture’; public arts should seek to address lowest common denominator, Culture should ‘serve’ the people (ie the state) and speak down to them rather than inspire or stimulate or challenge them to rise to new heights.

Why are you a European company?

Our aesthetic, style and approach has much more in common with European classical companies that British.

How do you work?

Sheer hard grind to raise funds, find venues and put on a show…