The audience is also in performance. OR

The performance is also of an audience. &

We are you.

– “The Yellow T Shirt” by Paul Haggith

Gusanos – worms. Or counter-revolutionaries. Or revolutionaries. Or recidivists. Or those accused of recidivism. Without it having been proven. Suspected. Suspects. Suspected of negative feelings. Misgivings. Negative thoughts. Negative intentions. Before they become negative actions. Patriots. Non- or anti-patriots. Recusants. Whatever. Rats. Worms. And I shall come amongst you. Shall worm my way into your midst. Where I’ll seem to be one of you, will be taken for one of you. Then, I’ll be one with you. And by the time you wake up to it, it’s too late: I am. I am you. And you are me. You worms. … Never think for a second that the fact I’m in your heart proves what a worm I am, what a parasite. No. You are in mine, too. Gusanos.

There’s nothing satisfying in having your expectations met. Dawn and sunset. These are things worth repeating an infinite number of times. But reading The Lovely Bones? Or listening to Robyn’s song…? Or even reading Waiting for Snow in Havana, where each chapter follows the same pattern of structured repetitions, meeting expectations. How many readings, repetitions, recognitions, and so on, can these sustain?