I think the key might be to make no connections at all. But there is always something dull about chastity. Say I was going to write about the Colossus and I thought to bring in Ramses according to Moloko, what dies is that sense of purpose: it’s like a liver in your hand when you’re trying to write in spirits.

This image show the keyboard of the Enigma encryption machine.

The other risible apercu I was subjected to today concerned the quantity of the same it is necessary to have with speed.

Consider witches’ hats, how many for a kilometre of road?

Or, consider the notion of stretch, the road measured by stretch: for a stretch of road, how many of the same before the code of the real reaches a threshold of visibility for the driver? how many cones? how many signs?

Over the same stretch, how many of the same, at a higher speed?

The unconscious law here is that once always equals the law. It suffices for the law to have been stated once for it to prevail regardless of the location’s obscurity or the people’s ignorance. A particular law’s existence in a citable, locatable archive – in the past, the location and citation have rested with the authority – calls up against the law of speed and its law of many, the Law of the singular and its privileged power, invested symbolically in the Father.

It would be interesting to note when the archive of the story-telling mother became the archive of the law-giving father. (These have been called oral versus written history.) Is the third category here that of the multiplying child?

I simply think you need to repeat yourself that many more times to compensate for the speed of the bodies past you. In fact, once Gilles Deleuze meets Felix Guattari, speed makes its impression (ha! the poverty of the analogy) felt and the repetitions start. And they quickly become tedious.

But. Blue Peter. Here. On street. Is the analogy from the speed on the street to the speed from person to person or the other way round? And is reaching through the net person after person somehow reducible to reaching car after car?

At what speed is that person traveling, surfing? I confess, she looked like she needed one thousand multiples to notice me.