days 18,19, 20 @ sf

day 18: Anja solo, Jeff reading. We invest the precepts. We cannot approach dance at all like we do acting. In fact, the dance changes everything. Or everything we have hitherto found changes on its way through this other discipline, rigorously, anexactly.

day 19, a quorum, for the first time in months, it seems. Barnie plays bass, K. like Mingus. Paul on the eighty-eight keys. Jeff on brushes & mixing bowl. Erika, voice. Anja studies Gene Kelly for Ida’s big number, a skeletal umbrella, dancing in the light. Very exciting to hear the band.

day 20 we consider the traffic, transitions, knee plays for the first third of the entirety. Paul absent, Erika half-mouthed for having a cracked tooth and cracked filling repaired hours earlier, Ida becomes soap, “worn down to a sliver.” She becomes the very corpse, turned by a magician into soap. Her wrapper sticks to her, like ectoplasm, like a body leaving a burrow made of the meat of other bodies, new flesh, her wrapper marked with RJF or RIF, it doesn’t matter, either will be the act of magic – whether myth or reality – the rendering down of people in order to make soap.