feeding the fantasy, Japanese schoolgirls in so short skirts swarm on St. Luke’s Mall, 26/3 – thinking about the word “thwarted”

they showed bulldozers ploughing the bodies … and I said, "Where were the girlz when this was happening?" and she said … "They were watching." …

It turns us on when you fight … We get off on it. It’s OK with us if you don’t give head or haven’t historically – we don’t need orgasms as much as we need wars. Otherwise why would you guys be fighting them?

After WWII the Allies tried a bunch of Japanese bigchiefs on the grounds that even if they didn’t perpetrate the atrocities directly, they were part of a giant fascist machine, a giant human meat-grinder and they were to blame. Actually, the Allies put the entire Japanese Imperial culture on trial in a certain sense. But how come nobody tried the women? I don’t mean the comfort women who were literally captives, I mean the ones who made tea for the guys who ordered the rape of Nanking.

We’re the engines of life. We’re it. And men think we’re their victims. How did that happen?

Are we really that sneaky?

& could we get away with this forever?

– Tricia Sullivan, Maul, (Night Shade Books, 2006, p. 5)