rule of engagement, three: Borat

When is Borat like Jackass? When is Borat not like Jackass? Playing psychological chicken. Red lights mounted on the front of the Valiant. The actor pushes to the limit identification with a character.

What limit? Extreme acting. It makes me tired.

To what avail? The redneck will no more see himself in the actor than the actor sees himself in the redneck.

(The repeated – funny – fallacy of recognition/representation, repressed; in additional material returning: "cheese," "cheese," "also cheese," "cheese also" – the meth, the P of a sleepless tropism. Chora…

(You can’t.

(Cry: –

(They/it know/s you are wrong. That’s their superiority. Its superiority.

(Your superiority consists in that you recognise their/its exclusion of you. You include it.

(Is that really nothing?

(Tragic. Funny.

(When you look at it,  …when you stare into it… and it stares back at you?

(I can see it/them. But it/they can’t see me. I am a victim of it/them not seeing me.)

There are American fans. There is Spinoza. There are women who want to be caged. And there is the language of appropriation. Jews somewhere celebrate history.

filmcomment remarked that Borat was a testament to American neighbourliness. Invite the stranger in. Be generous, classically. The myth.

There is always that figure, that fuck-up, at the party of younger people, who wants to break you by giving you harder drugs. I am the drug.

Take me.

(They/it swarm/s.)